Raspberry Wisdom

There are thoughts that come to you when you are picking berries, finding small morsels of time and musings to please your mind and soul. There are thoughts that answer your questions, even questions you were not sure you have. There are words floating between the canes, coming from the new growth, in the tiny white flowers. If you are lucky there will be bees to sing their song. This Cup of Coffee book is for you to find those thoughts, along with a little something sweet. It is wisdom for your soul, light words to amuse and sweet thoughts found in the quiet mornings of picking little red morsels from nature. Take this Cup of Coffee book with you, to find such moments. Sneak a sampling of story to go with that coffee or tea, that quietude, and relax. These words are here, for you. It's your time. It's your small tasting. Yours.

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Raspberry Wisdom Front Cover

ISBN: 09744046-7-5