Solvay Stories II

This second volume of Solvay Stories, longer than the first volume by over 30 pages, contains new memories from over 80 new contributors.  This volume almost “wrote itself” based on story contributions that poured-in responding to and following the publication of Solvay Stories. The entries, as in the first volume, are in the form of very short stories, also covering a period of 100 years and many events and topics with new chapters not in the previous book.  Volume II has more photos and illustrations and a Names Index of contributors and named persons.  Solvay Stories II was also named a Local Best Seller in 2004.  Own the set and recall Solvay well.  Own the set, including Solvay Stories III and understand a very special community spirit and history, recorded in an interesting and conversational manner.  Get to know the people and spirit of Solvay.

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Solvay Stories II Front Cover

ISBN: 0-9744046-1-6

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