Something Chocolate

There is something about chocolate. By the tiny foil wrapped morsels to syrup atop ice cream and all in between – smooth, dark, brownie chewy, pudding soft – we are called to a different place by chocolate. Alone or to share, chocolate helps to recall our sweet memories, those that linger.

Chocolate is the taste and feel and understanding of love. Read this small book alone, one moment here and another there. Find a quiet spot. Relax and let the melt of chocolate find you. Add coffee or tea to that quiet moment, a bite of chocolate something. Let your own thoughts follow after the wash of thoughts told in this book about chocolate. Go to your own chocolate memories. This "Cup of Coffee Book" and you and one of those moments. It's your time. It's your small tasting. Yours.

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Cover of Something Chocolate



ISBN: 978-0-9844884-1-3